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At Uniq Developments Ltd, we specialise in engineering solutions and facilities management for residential and commercial buildings of all sizes. Our clients trust us to create and deliver Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes, Quality Restorations and Comprehensive New Build facilities that are tailored to their individual needs and business priorities. To maintain our quality standards, all our staff are fully qualified and fully focused on customer service and high quality workmanship. They have an ethical and considerate approach to all our projects. Whether it’s a large commercial or residential property, a 'ground up' restoration or a damage repair renovation, we’re committed to a fix-it-first-time policy. Our team are in a position to make decisions and solve your problems to keep your home or your business facilities running smoothly and efficiently.

It is our goal to provide efficient, cost effective services that prolong the life of our customers’ investments. In these days of recession we all need to look after the only assets which are truly resistant to financial deterioration... our properties. Whether you have a business which needs engineering partners that are focused on quality and value, or you're an individual who needs help re-building a damaged home or maybe you have just started out on the property ladder and want a modest new home built to a high standard, Uniq Developments Ltd are the company you need to achieve all of this. We will work with you and confidently take care of all the aspects of the renovation, restoration or build from day one.

From Planning to Perfection

We have a wealth of experience in building, maintenance, renovation and restoration. We not only carry out the work to a standard which will preserve your property investment, but also act on your behalf with expertise and confidence. You can rest assured we are in full control of the project and will deliver exactly what you want, when you want it and with a price tag which has been agreed... no surprises and no disappointments!



  • “Your guys were so polite and best of all... they cleaned up after themselves!”
  • “The standard of workmanship was second to none. We’re so glad we asked Uniq to build our conservatory.”
  • “Our new home is the place we always dreamed of - forget ‘Grand Designs’ just get the men from Uniq in... they’re fantastic!”
  • “When we first thought of ‘getting the builders in’ we had so many concerns... we needn’t have worried, Uniq did everything and they respected our belongings too!”
  • “My wife and I have been planning our dream home for years. Now it’s a reality thanks to Uniq developments... thanks Chris!”
  • “The new garage, the new kitchen and the new bathroom are better than we could have hoped for...”
  • “The guys from Uniq developments even laid the lawn and fitted the carpets... they’re not builders - they’re angels!”
  • “From planning to a perfectly restored country house, the whole process was without stress, mess and disappointments - what more could we ask for?”


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